When I bought it there were numerous issues with the thrust master. Screen shot is my office computer so ignore actual settings. My joystick lost its firmware during Elite Dangerous. I no longer do it but I started making them a while back and sold around of them to around 90 people. The computer suddenly became unstable when it booted up with the USB peripherals attached. This current time the updates would run times and fail.

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Please joyshick sure you have installed the latest driver from our website: Since a new firmware, which is years back now it’s not been an issue. Screen shot is my office computer so ignore actual settings.

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My used Thrustmaster Warthog finally arrived – unfortunately it doesn’t work. Buy it ive had joysyick 2 years and is the best stick and throttle combo the build quality is fantastic not cheap plastic and is very precise. Have you updated any other drivers on your system lately – USB drivers or motherboard firmware updates – that may have changed USB port settings?

Stay Frosty Cmnd Fulsom. Both facts are relevant, as it turned out.


My joystick lost its firmware during Elite Dangerous

As you may know, the new motherboard had predominantly USB 3 slots, and as you probably won’t know, Win 8. There was a work around in the TM message joystici me that dealt with apparent problems that this new power management arrangemnet of the USB ports that Win 8.

joysstick Mon Feb 09, 2: I should note that the previous owner mentioned he had changed out the mini-DIN on it which probably should have tipped me off that I was going to have issues. Especially, the firmware updated with no problems. Sorry I’ve no direct advice. Something was not gelling. I’ve got a Warthog but never had this issue.

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It truly is a superb bit of kit Mon Feb 25, 7: This stopped Windows from managing the power of bootloadef attached through the problematic USB ports. What Finally Worked For Me. Post your controller profiles and discussions no support here.


Microsoft has a detailed set of instructions on their site to specifically allow people to use this workaround to deal with problematic USB devices.

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Yes I too have got this problem ended up having to purchase another stick I have done as “henry ” has done but nothing has worked. I followed the instructions to the letter; this did NOT work, no matter how many times I followed it. Somebody must have solved this problem. What I did was to go into device manager, and located the HID device of game controller, click on it, go to device details and find the device path in the registry.

This will give you the info you need to get started flying and using this web site. This current time the updates would run times and fail. Sat Apr 23, 1: This is when my problems began.