Rising Heroin Deaths in Joliet

Highlights at Community Center

As many as 26 individuals died from heroin overdose in Will County in April 2016.  Nationwide, heroin-related deaths have quadrupled since 2002.  Joliet is part of a crisis and it is hoped that with the drug rehab Joliet, this heroin crisis can finally reduce.

Gathering for a cause

The conference, in its fifth year, provided the opportunity for healthcare professionals, elected officials, the country coroner and others to gather to discuss the bleak picture, but also consider possible solutions. One such topic on the table this year: the 2015 Heroin Crisis Act, a bipartisan bill to address the state’s crisis by increasing access to care and overdose prevention methods by the substance addiction Joliet.

What you can’t see you can’t handle

A growing body of research shows that substance use disorder (SUDs) is a multi-faceted problem.  In the past, too much attention was given to decision-based addiction counseling.  With an increased understanding of the problem, care providers have improved success rates.  It is now fairly universally understood that environmental and genetic factors play a variety of roles in addiction: with no single factor as the “cause”of addiction.  With increased public awareness comes improved legislation for access to care at the drug rehab in Joliet.

so much more than just heroin

Heroin addiction is part of the larger puzzle of opiate addictions in the United States.  Some common “reasons” for heroin addiction are:

Self-medicating with heroin to handle unresolved health issues, such as depression or chronic pain.

Substituting prescription opiate addiction. Opioids include medications such as Vicodin, morphine, OxyContin and Percocet, all of which are potentially addictive.  When prescriptions expire, heroin serves as a replacement. Heroin is also less expensive, in many cases, than a legally obtained prescription.

a more deadly heroin

Heroin has always been deadly, but these days it may be more so than ever.  That’s because there’s a new drug on the market, often labeled as heroin, called fentanyl.  Fentanyl produces less of a “high,”but more of the dangerous side effects of opiates, such as heart and breathing problems.  Fentanyl is also cheaper and more potent than heroin.  For these reasons, heroin on the streets is often mixed with, or substituted for fentanyl.  When a user attempts to get a high from what is labeled as heroin, he or she may unintentionally overdose on a fentanyl-laced cocktail.

Joliet is more than just the county seat; it is also the epicenter of community services for addicts.  As members of the community, we can gather together to inform, educate and help handle heroin addiction and overdose in our area.

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