I’ve plugged the adaptator on a Windows XP machine, and it was recognized out of the box no additional driver required , and all buttons were working correctly. Please do not test the kernel in the daily folder, but the one all the way at the bottom. Once you’ve tested the upstream kernel, please remove the ‘needs- upstream- testing’ tag. Just plug the ps4 controller into your pc via usb then see if you can walk around. It works great with any game that supports Direct Input which is pretty much every game nowadays. How to get Generic USB gamepad driver.

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Changed in linux Ubuntu: Requires root, a kernel with USB host mode and test. I have a wireless afterglow ps3 controller that i wanted to use as a PC controller. See full activity log. VGA Box ou carte tv passant une console pal en ppc avec couleur?

All of these configurations show the exact same behavior as the one detailed in the bug description. I just received an adaptator that allows one to plug a PlayStation 2 controller into an USB port to use it as a joystick in ubuntu. Did this issue not occur in a prior Ubuntu release?

Batoh Device And here is the initial output of jstest: The funny thing is that if I plug in my PSX controller dualshock the boundaries aren’t there, and the cross in the calibration dialog fully moves to the corners.


Mon Aug 29 X-Arcade Arcade Stick offers a unique, intense, unchecked experience of video games This bug affects 2 people. The dongle you use will be dedicated to PS3 controllers until you uninstall the drivers manettr one PS3 controller via USB cable into your.

Using the “Wheel” mode, the controller is recognized as a “Logitech Logitech Driving Force” output from jstest and works correctly but is missing some features half working analog sticks.

Adaptateur manette ps2 video game accessories hobbies & entertainment Algeria

You can live again manegte thrills and feels of the most mythical ones thanks to X-Arcade. But as I said, these drivers adzptateur me a very good impression the GUI design says a lot about the inner workings of the drivers in my opinion.

This in my mind is a major oversight on behalf of the designers. The problem persists with the kernel you linked 3. For the newest versions please refer to this Answer by RolandiXor. Search for articles or select a topic below to. Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on We were wondering if this is still an issue?

Gameron PS2 gamepad -> PC via USB, axis/button mismatch

Summon some guests, plug your X-Arcade on your lounge PC or on your console Also note that people have reported strangely similar issues with non official PS3 controllers i. Marking back to Confirmed as this was reproducible in Quantal and mainline kernel.


This is one of the best controllers out there. You can also plug your X-Arcade on latest generation console thanks to the corresponding adapters sold separately – You’ll then have the best joystick for fight games and the most recent games: The directional pad was mapped to a joystick hat as far as I can tell, and the two analog sticks were working properly. I was excited when i plugged in the usb dongle into the PC. Internal connexions are gold plated for perfect conductivity.

Unsupported series, setting status to “Won’t Fix”. ISO CD images are available from http: Vous pouvez Vendre en Gros En Ligne pc joystick arcade,joystick arcade pc,joystick pc Arcade joystick pc jeu d’ordinateur usb connecteur street fighters Joystick.

Joseph Salisbury jsalisbury wrote on Penalver penalvch on Other USB controller software may interfere with sixtyforce’s adaptatrur controller support.