What I have done is gone into OO-Writer and created some templates with the page size set to the label size. Additionally, the printer is configured to accept jobs sent to it for printing. If it is still a problem, are you still interested in finding a solution to this bug? Thanks for the information. I strongly suspect that this problem is happening because of something a little more low-level than CUPS drivers not working. Brother’s engineers deliberately seem to have built the machine to use twice as much label ribbon as I actually need, boosting the ribbon cartridge turnover as a side effect!

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With just some tweaking, the Dymo LabelWriter even prints on Linux. The script expects a string at the command line, for example. USB Bidirectional printer dev 6 if 0 alt 0 proto 2 vid 0x pid 0x Apr 4 Originally Posted by sebiXVI. Perl feeds the address data to the document.

Mike’s homepage can be found at http: See full activity log. The -p parameter specifies the display name of the printer, -v is used for the printer address and the -P parameter points to location of the printer definition file.


Bug # “DYMO LabelWriter does not work on Ubuntu ” : Bugs : cups package : Ubuntu

The portable Brother label printer wastes expensive raw material for labels. Installing the module involves some manual attention because it dymoo a number of developer packages from various libraries.

Now, how does dyom computer actually send the text to be printed to the device? Join Date Oct Beans July 17th, 1. As I checked they seem working.

Later I’ve added driver via cups web interface like any other driver, choosing right ppd file. The only disadvantage with my label printer is that you can’t buy rugged plastic labels for it. Thanks for the information. However, CUPS still reported the printer as: The free QR Reader iPhone scanner app detected the QR code on the label still in the printer, even without me tearing off the xymo.

I could be wrong, I have been in the past. For reaching the same goal on headless Linux requires some more steps. Please execute the command shown below and check, if the result looks similar.

Install Dymo LabelWriter on Headless Linux

Given that the LabelWriter series and drivers apparently worked fine in previous Ubuntu releases, something else has changed. OpenOffice offers a selection of preconfigured formats for users who need to print their own self-adhesive labels.


I followed these instructions to install the CUPS drivers:. This simple formula works amazingly well even though the Helvetica font I chose does not use fixed-width spacing but assigns a proportional amount of space to each letter in the document.

This particular box not the printer has been in service since Ubuntu The time now is If your printer is not listed, you need to check the USB labelwriyer.

I need to install DYMO software for labelwriterbut i can’t… any help? You made this bug report some time ago and Ubuntu and cups have been updated since then.

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Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. March 22nd, 5. This works because now it’s in PDF and therefore it’s postscript. According to their information at this writing their drivers support the following models: Sign labelwrriter or log in Sign up using Google.