Submitted by Mike Chin on Thu, The noise has very little high frequency content, and constitutes a broadband whoosh or hiss depending on the angle you hear it from. Up to seven drives will be segmented for parallel ATA applications while another four will be introduced for high-end desktops that use the faster SATA interface. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. Although neither of the drives we tested managed to reach the noise standards set by our perennial favorites, the Barracuda IV and the Spinpoint P80, this is due at least in part to the higher number of platters and thus capacity of our samples. Factoring in the 4. According to filtered and analyzed data collected from participating StorageReview.

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If suspended, both the DiamondMax 10 and the Deskstar 7K are appropriate for use in a quiet but not silent system.

– Review – Hitachi Deskstar 7K (2x80GB RAID 0) Hard Drive Review

It should nonetheless easily integrate hirachi systems featuring adequate ventilation and cooling. Acoustically, they are similar enough that a choice between these drives ultimately comes down to price and performance rather than noise. See all 5 pre-owned listings. All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. The rear of the drive has the SATA connector and two options for power. General Hard Drive Use: Featured Articles from Our Blog. Hitachi specs seek times at 8.


Hitachi Deskstar 7K250 80GB 80GB Internal 7200RPM 3.5″ (HDS722580VLAT20)

Well, if you look at the specification sheet, you’ll notice that the track density of the GB model is much higher than those at with GB or GB capacities. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. Because the feature is enabled on the drive itself, it is possible to spin down only the Deskstar without affecting other drives in the system.

The idle noise of the 7K is very smooth; it is similar in quality to the Seagate Barracuda IV our favorite reference drivealbeit a bit louder. In stock form, the noise level of the Deskstar 7K is about average. Here we see 77k250 Hitachi’s gain a Sequential read speed of The Deskstar 7K utilizes a Samsung 64Mb 7.

Click the banner to know more about Hitachi. Heat and Noise Idle Noise – The sound pressure emitted from a drive measured at a distance of 18 millimeters. The ambient noise during most recordings is 18 dBA or lower.

Show less Show more. There is a very slight high frequency ringing that is audible within a foot or two of the drive.

While not quite in the same league as our single platter reference drives, the triple platter DiamondMax is nevertheless impressive when compared to the previous Maxtors we’ve heard.

Service Time Graphs in milliseconds. Both volume and sharpness are reduced immensely; AAM seeks are barely audible above the idle noise. One of the nice claims is that hitachk drive has an average seek time of 8.


Other than that, the drive is pretty standard as it comes with 7m250 the SATA data and power connectors, as well as a legacy 4-pin connector for those who have yet to upgrade their system’s power supply.

The hard drive looks physically pretty much the same as any other hard drive.

Available across a wide range of capacities in both parallel and serial ATA interfaces, the 7K should top the list of all performance-oriented users seeking a new drive for their desktop rig. No ratings or reviews yet. Hitachi has easily managed to impress. Keep in mind that the audio recordings paint only part of the acoustic picture; vibration noise is not recorded, and drives often sound different depending on the angle from which they are heard.

We’d suggest you use one of the other but not both.

Fewer sick days taken in the US between and if healthcare providers could hyper-personalize care by combining non-clinical dark data — like travel and purchase information — with clinical data. According to filtered and analyzed hitacih collected from participating StorageReview. Ambient noise at the time of testing was 18 dBA.